What’s The Best HDMI Splitter for The Amazon Fire Stick?

What’s the best HDMI splitter for Amazon Fire Stick? First off, an HDMI splitter is a method of splitting the HDMI connections of a media source so that it could connect to multiple TVs, monitors, and/or projectors at the same time, resulting in mirrored displays for all. Meanwhile, the Amazon Fire Stick is a streaming device that makes it easier for you to watch streaming content as opposed to television content you get via satellite or cable.

As for the best HDMI splitter for Amazon Fire Stick, we recommend the OREI HDMI Splitter for Full HD 1080p HD-102. Ostensibly, it’s one of the best splitters out there for you to enjoy your Amazon Fire Stick on multiple monitors, multiple television sets, multiple audio setups, and multiple projectors. It could also cater to a mix of TVs, monitors, stereo systems, and projectors as your home cinema or home entertainment setup require. 

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What Is an HDMI Splitter?

An HDMI splitter, simply put, distribute the HDMI signal of one media device to multiple display devices. It’s what’s used to allow a Blu-Ray player, game console, DVD player, satellite or cable box, and laptop or desktop PC to have mirrored displays on multiple television sets, computer monitors, or projectors. 

  • Cascading and High-Speed Cables: Many splitters can be cascaded in order to expand their abilities of splitting. The use of a higher-grade, high-speed HDMI cable when putting it on a splitter is highly recommended. This is because the added resistance of connecting devices through multiple ports will only result in a slowdown that can be alleviated as long as you have a high-speed HDMI cable installed for the task.


  • Switchers versus Splitters: This shouldn’t be confused with an HDMI switcher that instead allows you to switch from BD player to DVD player to laptop on the same HDTV, hence the term “switcher”. Finally, a matrix switcher is a device that connects multiple media players to multiple devices to allow free switching or mirroring of multiple displays. In other words, the splitter isn’t a switcher but a matrix switcher is capable of giving you the best of both worlds.


  • The One-to-Two Splitter: The most common splitter is the “one-to-two” or “1:2” splitter. This splitter is used to attach a cable box to two locations or two TV sets. It’s a simple mirrored display setup allowing you to see the same thing in two TVs. It’s also a good way to split your cable signal between two TV sets in your household. All of the modern splitters in the 21st Century feature specifications for HDMI 1.4A.


  • Limitations and OREI’s Splitter: Splitters don’t support HDMI over Ethernet (HEC) or ARC (Audio Return Channel. This is because the properties of such features require a dedicated single TV to be connected to the source device. With that said, we recommend the OREI 1×2 HDMI Splitter because it features an adapter, 3D support, and 1080p high-resolution support for one or two outputs. This is a powered splitter that works superbly with the likes of Amazon Fire Stick as well.

What Is The Amazon Fire Stick? 

The Amazon Fire TV Stick or Amazon Fire Stick is a device that’s similar to other home entertainment streaming tech.  It’s something you can easily plug into the HDMI port of your HDTV. It plugs into the HDMI of your TV in order to give you access to your favorite games, photos, music, subscription services, TV shows, and movies. This device houses all the content you love while being easily transportable. This way, you can enjoy watching most anything while taking your media anywhere you go, whether it’s while traveling on a car or moving from room to room in your home. 

  • How The Fire Stick Works: The Fire Stick allows you to watch your favorite media while on the go. It’s like having your TV and cable box with you while you’re on vacation in the Bahamas. This is because it works with any flatscreen with an HDMI port out there. It’s even better than a laptop with movies saved in it or a USB full of content because the Fire TV Stick is more compatible with TVs. You won’t end up having certain files unreadable by the HDTV or monitor. You can bring it with you when you travel or moving from room to room in your home.


  • Plug and Play: The Fire Stick by Amazon is the number one streaming media player. Some might even have an Alexa Voice remote included. Simply remove the device and take it with you anywhere with an HDTV available. There is a multitude of compatible TVs available that allows you to gain instant access to various Hulu or Netflix content that have all your favorite videos, movies, sports PPV, short films, animated films, comedies, sitcoms, TV shows, award winners, and more.


  • Amazon Prime Members: Your Fire TV Stick comes pre-registered with your Amazon Prime account if you’re an Amazon Prime member. This should give you instant access to various Amazon Prime content such as Sneaky Pete, The Boys, Good Omens, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Homecoming, The Expanse, Mozart in the Jungle, The Tick, Goliath, and so forth. However, you can also use it to StreamCast other favorites from streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and so forth along with your cache of Amazon Originals.

What Is The Best HDMI Splitter for Amazon Fire Stick?

The best HDMI splitter for Amazon Fire Stick is the OREI HDMI Splitter HD-102. We believe this is the case because it’s a simple type of splitter that anyone can operate. More complicated splitters tend to have lower ratings on Amazon because of how hard it is to deal with compatibility issues. OREI at the very least fulfills its promise of splitting the HDMI signal into two displays that are identical to their input signal. Here’s what OREI brings to the table. (see full specs)

  • Simple Yet Effective Function: The OREI HDMI Splitter HD-102 doesn’t over-promise or under-perform. It does exactly as it promises, which is to split one HDMI input signal from devices like the Amazon Fire Stick unto two HDMI output signals and display devices with identical signals to the input signal. The splitter supports all the standard data types you’d expect from such a cost-effective and dependable deal. Instead of trying to jerry-rig 5 displays or devices to the splitter, it’s better to get a highly rated twin splitter that actually works.


  • Support for Formats Across the Board: Even when watching your Amazon Fire Stick streaming videos in full HD, you’re supported by OREI HD-102. More to the point, the splitters support essentially all available audio options such as DTS-HD Master, Dolby TrueHD, DTS 7.1, DSD, Dolby-AC3, and LPCM formats. On top of all that, whether you’re watching something from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, or Disney Plus, the OREI splitter abides and gives you equal quality signals split across whatever compatible devices you wish to use it on.


  • Video Formats Are Also Covered: Of course, many different video formats for media players such as BD Players, DVD players, computers like desktops and laptops, gaming consoles, cable or satellite boxes, and so forth including the Amazon Fire Stick are also compatible with the HDMI splitter from OREI. It can render in shocking detail the video resolutions of deep color 480i, 5769, 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 1440i, and 1440p resolution. Its EIDI duration is also 6 seconds plus it’s HDCP compliant.


  • Hardware Compatibility and Physical Attributes: The HDMI splitter is not only compatible with the Amazon Fire Stick. It’s also commonly used in order to split signals from a cable box to allow two HDTVs to receive them. Cable boxes were initially thought up by cable companies in order to ensure that only a single dedicated TV can receive the signal. All other TVs could not unless you request cable boxes for them. You can bypass this hardware lockout with an HDMI splitter that has a cool metal enclosure that protects its parts from overheating.


  • Supports Full HD & 3D But Has Limits: The OREI HDMI Splitter HD-102 is also certified for support of the transmission of full 3D and HD video. As mentioned earlier, it can easily do 1080p video on most DVD and BD player discs. It can even split signals for 1440p or 1440i resolution on some high-end laptops. However, you cannot use the splitter to split the data in a way that allows you to extend monitor screens for laptops and desktops. It also cannot play 4K video in full fidelity. It also cannot work for HDMI cables that extend over 30 feet.


The entire point of getting an HDMI splitter for Amazon Fire Stick is to be able to connect multiple devices to your Fire Stick so that you don’t only have one TV to watch it with. Now anyone within the vicinity of your Fire Stick can connect to the streaming device so that multiple rooms, audiences, or families can enjoy the best streaming programs that the Internet can provide. The Fire TV Stick comes with a USB cable, HDMI extender, power adapter, and remote as well as 2 AAA batteries and a guide. The splitter can connect to it with an HDMI connector of its own that can split into multiple display devices. 


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