Is There a Smart TV with Built-In DVD player?

Everyone knows what a smart TV is, right? It’s like the TV version of a smartphone. A phone that’s “smart” has multiple functions added to it beyond its base function of being a phone, like the digital camera, the multitude of apps, and the ability to connect online.

In turn, a smart TV is capable of being PC-like itself, sharing abilities like the smartphone in terms of online connectivity and running various apps on an operating system. With that said, how much more advanced can these devices get?

Is There a Smart TV with a Built-In DVD player?

Yes. There are many smart TVs with built-in DVD players out there. In fact, there are many TVs with built-in DVD players as well. It makes perfect sense. Why hook up a DVD player when you have a TV that can already play DVDs on its own?

Several we’ve found include  SuperSonic SC-1312 LED Widescreen HDTV & Monitor 13.3″, Built-in DVD Player, the Kogan LED TV & DVD Como, Premium 32-inch Flatscreen TV with built-in DVD Player, Toshiba 24WD3A63DB Smart TV, and RCA RTDVD3215 LED HDTV. There are many more out there.

SuperSonic SC-1312 LED TV Built-in DVD Player
SuperSonic SC-1312 LED TV Built-in DVD Player


They’re like your typical laptop. Many notebook PCs up until the late 2000s included a CD or DVD player with them. Some are even capable of writing or burning on blank CDs and DVDs for good measure, which is good for storage.

What are the Benefits of a Smart TV with Built-In DVD Player?

A smart TV in and of itself will provide you with more features, functions, and utilities reminiscent of a tablet, smartphone, or PC. You can run applications or apps on it. It has Internet connectivity. You can play games on its native operating system.

Or browse the Worldwide Web. Most importantly, you can stream online videos with your smart TV without needing to hook up a Roku Stick or Amazon FireStick. The TV itself serves as your streaming device, with its running apps for Netflix and Amazon Prime with ease.

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Smart TV with DVD Ensures a Centralized Entertainment Hub

With that said, the main benefits of having a combo smart TV and DVD player is simple. You can play DVDs with your TV without a DVD player the same way you can access Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Disney+, HBO Max, and more without a Roku Stick.

Many of these laptop-like smart TV and DVD combo appliances work the same, but they give various perks or benefits like a higher resolution, faster DVD reading, or the ability to burn DVDs like a laptop DVD drive would.

Is there a smart tv with built in dvd player
Is there a smart tv with a built-in DVD player

What Should You Look for When Shopping for a Smart TV with Built-In DVD Player?

A smart TV with a built-in DVD player is typically exorbitantly expensive. Not as much as a laptop with a DVD drive but approaching that amount in light of the TV’s ability to play apps like a laptop or desktop PC (although it’s not as portable as a laptop).

Regardless, here are the things you should be on the lookout for when shopping for a proper TV and DVD combo.

The Main Appeal of TV and DVD Combo Machines

No, smart TVs that double as DVD players aren’t a dime a dozen. DVD players themselves are no longer as in-demand now compared to 10 or 20 years ago in light of online streaming technology. In fact, most people looking for a smart TV are likely to buy one because of its ability to play Netflix.

However, they’re still appealing because of the downsides of online streaming media. You don’t technically own the movies when you stream—you merely “rent” them. You can watch them on-demand, but providers can pull them out whenever they want, like in the case of “Friends” on Netflix.

A DVD set of “Friends”, “Seinfeld”, “Family Guy”, or “The Simpsons” will remain with you for as long as the DVDs last. You’re also less likely to get weird edits or censorship with a DVD collection.

TV Aesthetics and Functional Design

A TV and DVD combo is appealing because it reduces home cinema or home entertainment clutter. You have everything on hand with a smart TV that has a built-in DVD player. You can get a separate Blu-Ray Disc player on the side, but that precious space where the DVD player would otherwise sit is now free.

On that note, you should get a sleekly designed smart TV and DVD combo that integrates itself nicely on your wooden cabinet or shelf, with a handy shelf beside it or in another room housing all your DVD (and BD) collections for good measure.

Speaking of which, did you know that DVD special bonuses and “Making of” features aren’t present in most BDs? It’s a relic of a bygone golden age of DVD.

Flatscreens are a Good Choice for Smart HDTVs

So to be honest, BDs are more concerned about delivering 1080p or 4K quality video than the extras present in DVDs. You can also play DVDs on your laptop computer instead, if not your desktop with a nice dual-screen display.

However, the bigness of a flatscreen TV cannot be beaten. Replacing CRTs, LCD, or OLED screens has maximized the space saved by being as flat as a picture frame, giving you the biggest screen possible just short of becoming projector screen size.

Compatibility is Also Important

You can also scope out specs you’d be on the lookout for when shopping for a standalone DVD player, like whether or not the built-in DVD player of your smart TV of choice has region-free compatibility. This allows you to watch foreign movies from another region, even those in another language.

You can even pay extra for a built-in BD and DVD player combo included in your smart TV. Speaking of which, your smart TV is likely to recognize and play other file formats and systems like MP3, MP4, MOV, FLV, MKV, WMV, AVI, MTS, RMVB, AAC, and so forth.

Why? It’s a smart TV. Aside from doubling as a DVD (or BD) player, it should also double as a PC as well.

Final Things to Consider

Various everyday electronic devices are becoming more computer-like in light of manufacturers making everything “smart”, from doorbells to microwaves.

Regardless, like cameras in your smartphone, it makes sense to integrate DVD players with your TV. Many laptops, until everything became all about online streaming, had DVD-RW devices built into them as part of the package. Why not TVs and DVD players?

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