How To Connect Wii To TV With HDMI

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So you just got a new, shiny, Smart TV and everyone’s happy! But your Nintendo Wii feels like an ancient machine compared to the new, ultramodern television. It doesn’t even seem to have the right corresponding connectors or ports! What to do? Give up your Mario Kart? No way, we can’t have that.

Here’s how you can connect Nintendo Wii to your TV.

No Ports?

The major concern at first glance is that there doesn’t seem to be a TV-out or HDMI port in your Nintendo Wii that would work with your TV. Nonetheless, despite this initial impression, there are several ways to connect your Nintendo Wii to virtually any type of TV. These methods have to do with the standard AV cable, which can then be connected to the TV through the following:

  • S- Video
  • Component
  • RBG
  • VGA
  • HDMI

IF your new TV doesn’t have old, legacy-type inputs or you have a shortage of ports and many devices, then the following instructions can help you connect your Wii to your TV with HDMI. The limitation of using any of these methods that must be noted is that no matter what you do, the maximum output resolution will be 480p.

Connect Wii to TV Via HDMI

Many sources and articles have covered the other options in-depth. Here, we will be focusing solely on how to connect your Wii to TV with HDMI.

When the Nintendo Wii gaming console was initially released, the only reliable way to connect the Wii to an HDTV was by using the component cable. Gratefully, we can now use a Wii to HDMI converter to get high-quality results on an HDTV.

Just one of these cheap devices hooked up to your Nintendo Wii will enable you to connect an HDMI cable from your TV to your Wii, after which you can see the output from the console coming through the HDMI channel by selecting HDMI as your input option with your TV remote control

This is an easy, inexpensive way to connect your Nintendo Wii to any recent HDTV using what is now the most common multimedia connector, HDMI.

Using WII Dual to Connect Wii to TV

The Wii Dual, which is actually an internal upgrade to the Nintendo Wii created by Dan Kunz, is the best solution for connecting the Wii to your TV’s HDMI port.

Here’s a review of the Wii Dual here:

This upgrade not only brings an additional HDMI port to your Wii but it also kind of tweaks the earlier 480p limit we mentioned and improves your signal quality, giving you better and higher resolution output. It only works with some specific boards. Here’s an interview with Dan:

Easy as W-I-I!

That old television may be long gone, but if you want to keep playing your Nintendo Wii, it’s quite easy to hook it up to your new TV via HDMI.

Even with its 480p resolution quality limit, your old games will still be accessible to you. You don’t have to break the bank for a new console just because you bought a new TV.

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