Getting Your Groove On 101: Best HDMI Audio Extractor for PS4 Slim

HDMI or High Definition Multimedia Interface is the current standard for connections for your display monitors (like televisions and computer screens) and your audio-visual component (like your Blu-ray Disc or DVD player, game console, and cable box). Designed back in 2002, it has since replaced various older formats such as VGA, component, and so forth. The PS4 Slim, on the other hand, is the smaller, slimmer version of the Sony PlayStation 4 with a 1 TB hard drive that you can buy to play PS4 exclusives.

Customers who’ve bought this PS4 type have complained about audio issues due to the lack of an optical output 3.5-millimeter jack. They might feel the fact that the PS4 Slim isn’t as backward compatible as the original PS4 when it comes to audio outputs for optical cables disconcerting. They also don’t like having to use HDMI-only connections and the HDTV speaker for their gaming needs.

On that note, what is the best HDMI audio extractor for ps4 slim?

The PS4 Slim Dilemma of No Optical Output

By default, HDMI is better than analog RCA connections when it comes to audio due to it being digital. It’s the only audio format capable of transmitting Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master Audio aside from DisplayPort. However, like most consumers who are used to legacy systems, they’re not used to the lack of an optical output in the PS4 and might have issues with using only one HDMI cable to play both audio and video on their HDTV or Flatscreen TV.

To be more specific, they need the optical output as a means to connect their non-HDMI or legacy stereos, soundbars, subwoofers, bass, and speakers like in the RCA days of gaming. Audio extraction or splitting is the solution to this lack of an optical out dilemma, actually.

  • The Modern Home Theater Experience: The home theater experience used to involve loads of RCA cables galore loaded unto different VCRs, Betamaxes, and game consoles equipped with a large speaker and base units as well as subwoofers, with everything in analog. Nowadays, cable management is easier because you’re only using one or the other type of cable, usually HDMI, to connect everything to a splitter or switcher. HDMI is your best bet in home theater audio as you upgrade to higher definition devices like BD players with crisper, True HD sound and high-definition video running at high-res 4K or even 8K. Legacy systems can also be used with HDMI through adapters.


  • Buy HDMI Cables and a Stereo Extractor Splitter: To solve the common audio issue gamers have with the PS4 Slim, just buy an HDMI to HDMI + SPDIF RCA Stereo Extractor Splitter. In many ways, HDMI cables are superior to optical cables when it comes to game audio anyway, you just need to figure out how to make them work on non-HDMI sound systems. Furthermore, to get the best performance out of your HDMI cables, get only HDMI-certified cables. It can transfer both audio and video from a game console, video disc player, or cable box to a television set, computer monitor, or projector as well as any compatible home entertainment system appliance.


  • Get New HDMI-Compatible Speakers: It’s probably annoying for you to see that your whole surround-sound optical output speaker setup in your den or man cave has been thwarted by the eternal march of technology. You can salvage them by getting an adapter or extractor for HDMI connections to allow a smooth transition between different generations of speakers. Or you can simply buy next-generation HDMI speakers, soundbars, stereos, bass, subwoofers, and much more. Add it to your home theater or replace your old analog speakers with HDMI-compatible ones. You can even use the wireless with an HDMI wireless kit!


  • Sound Degradation Concerns: You want to get the best brands for these extractors since you don’t want quality drops from your audio in comparison to your TV speakers. That would defeat the purpose of investing in such a device in the first place. Some splitters take the RCA conversion to literally or “faithfully” to the point that in order for the sound to travel from optical cable to speaker, they need to turn the sound into something crispy and crackling or muted, like you’re hearing it from an old-timey record player or a bad recording from a cassette tape or 4th generation VHS tape. You want TrueHD sound or something similar to come forth your optical input speakers!


  • Get The Best or One of the Best: The tricky thing about finding the right HDMI to HDMI + SPDIF RCA Stereo Extractor Splitter out there is that some of them are quite hard to find, so you might be forced to go with what’s available only to allow you to, for example, use your PS4 Slim with your PC audio device, Bose speakers, wired headphones, or optical-input stereos and the like. We recommend Htseleere Extractor Converter Adapter for all your splitter, extractor, and converter needs. It covers all legacy audio outputs or devices, from the RCA days to the optical and coaxial digital cable days. Your controller also has a 3.5-millimeter jack, by the way, but this is the more permanent solution.

  • Why an HDMI Sound Extractor or Splitter? An HDMI Sound Splitter is your best way to convert audio signals from an HDMI source to something you can transmit by an optical or coaxial digital cable. This way, you’re not limited to using HDTV speakers or HDMI-enabled audio devices. In particular, the Htseleere Audio SPDIF Extractor Converter, in particular, is compatible with HDMI 2.0 capable of delivering 4K 60 Hz video on top of TrueHD audio. It also comes with a 3.5-millimeter output and optical cable output. It can deliver Dolby Digital/DTS CEC audio from HDMI hardware that features HDR10, 18 Gpbs transfer rates, and HDCP 2.2. In short, it splits, converts, and/or extracts high-fidelity audio for any type of audio delivery system.


  • Get a High Compatibility Extractor: The Htseleere Audio Extractor for the PS4 Slim is highly compatible for that game console as well as many other HDMI audio-video sources, from other consoles to Blu-Ray players to satellite boxes and beyond. You don’t need software or a driver to make this device work with your HDMI device. It comes with a 4K HDMI decoder and CEC control. It comes with one input to one output. It also works perfectly with PS3/PS4, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Elgato Game Capture, Xfinity Box, Nvidia Shield, Xbox series, Comcast, PC, Nintendo Wii/Wii-U/Switch, and so forth.


  • What Is an Audio Extractor Ideal For? The Htseleere Audio Extractor might seem specifically developed from the HDMI-only connection of PS4 Slim, but it’s actually ideal for many other applications, including home theaters, classroom AV presentations, conferences, presentations, clubs, gaming, and so forth. It’s because Htseleere has a compact design that’s easy to install, flexible, and portable. It’s miniaturized for your convenience, as opposed to the PS4 Slim that was miniaturized yet has the inconvenience of not having a simple 3.5-millimeter audio jack.


  • Manual Scaling Is The Best: When buying a PS4 Slim audio extractor, manual scaling is best. If you wish to buy some other extractor other than Htseleere, make sure it uses manual scaling. Auto-scaling devices (or those who claim to auto scale, at least) usually don’t work as well with the PS4 Slim. One such device we tried out couldn’t properly detect whether the capture device or monitor is 4K or HD. Among all the devices we shopped for, Htseleere worked the best specifically in splitting and extracting HDMI audio from the PS4 Slim. All others had degraded audio, compatibility issues, limits on the speakers they support or are discontinued extractors no longer sold on online stores.


  • The Pros and Cons of Htseleere Extractor: Htseleere does have several limitations and shortcomings. For example, it doesn’t allow using the 3.5-millimeter audio port and SPDIF at the same time. You can only use them one at a time. When the 5.1 channel SPDIF is turned on, the 2.1 channel 3.5 millimeter port functionality is turned off and vice-versa. What’s more, the 3.5-millimeter jack and audio is a higher priority than the SPDIF, so you need to specifically switch to SPDIF to make it work since you can’t use both simultaneously. Otherwise, it’s an excellent device that you can fully refund or replace if it’s defective due to the one-year warranty.

In Conclusion

In the same way, customers were taken aback by Apple selling iPhones that no longer have an audio jack, gamers were also flabbergasted by how Sony is taking the same stance as Apple against standardized technology, with the PS4 Slim depends on sound delivery via the HDMI port alone.

It’s therefore recommended that you buy the Htseleere Extractor Converter Adapter or some other audio extractor and splitter for your audio needs that isn’t compatible with HDMI or HDMI wireless. There are loads of HDMI to HDMI + SPDIF RCA Stereo Extractor Splitters out there, but you need to pay attention to their customer reviews and ratings to make sure you don’t get a lemon or a splitter that gives you worse digital audio than simply hearing your game sounds through the television itself.


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