The 4 Best Wire Nuts – Wire Connectors Reviews 2021

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Many people join electric wires with electrical tapes. Some twist the wires together and wrap them with electrical tape. Electrical tapes are not secure connectors. They are vulnerable to being damaged too. The best wire nuts are safer wire connectors.

It is common to need wire connectors when working on circuit connections for switches, outlet receptacles, light fixtures, and other devices. Wire nuts are small rounded caps that twist bare wire ends to create tight and secure connections.

There are actually two kinds of wire connectors: wire nut and push-fit-type wire connectors. Wire nuts are a better option because they are cheaper and reversible. Wire nuts are easier to unscrew when you need to replace remove a device.

Wire nuts come in cone shapes. They have ridges on the sides to allow your fingers to have a firm grip on them.  A little square-cut spring can be found inside the cone to provide tension on the wires to securely hold them. The spring inside the wire nut tightens the wires make a secure connection.

Wire nuts come in different sizes for different wire sizes. They also come in different colors to indicate type, quantity, and size of wires they can accommodate. Colors vis-à-vis sizes vary per manufacturer.

Below we take a look at 4 best wire nuts on the market:

AUSPA Lever-Nut Conductor Compact Wire Connectors

This AUSPA Lever-Nut Conductor Compact Wire Connectors comes in a pack of 30 pcs- 10 each of the sizes 22-412, 2222-413 and 222-415. This pack comes with levers that have 2, 3 and 4 wire sockets are independent of each other.

These wire joiners are easy to use. Strip the wires. Pull the levers back, slip the wires and close the levers – that simple. Using this connector you are sure that the ends of the wire will go all the way to the nut. When the lever is down you are sure that wire is firmly tugged in.

A user says this is an amazing product. He has tried them with twisted/solid core//braided wires and they were able to hold on very well. He says twisted cables will firmly be attached even if the ends are not soldered.

The trick to easily insert the wires is to make sure the wires are stripped to .37 inches long. It also helps a lot if the wires are straight. If you are small stranded wires, strip longer, fold the wire back, twist it and insert to the lever. This wire connector has a 440V rated voltage and a 32A rated current.

Wirefy T Tap Electrical Connectors

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This 120 piece pack of T Tap electrical connectors consists of 60 pieces each of T Tap wire connectors and male quick disconnects. These connectors are ideal for a wide range of wiring projects from home, auto, scientific and marine and more.

The 60 T Tap wire terminals consist of 20 each in the colors red (wide range of 0.5-1.5 5mm²/ AWG 22-18); blue (wire range of 1.5-2.5mm²/ AWG 22-18); and yellow (wire range of 2.5-4.0mm²/ AWG 12-10). The 60 Male spade connectors consist of 20 each in the colors red, blue and yellow and with the same wide range and AWG as the T Tap wire terminals.

A user says the plastic material of this T –tabs are a lot more flexible and durable. He also says that all of the T-trap he used perfectly locked in with a solid connection and the wires are seamlessly sealed in place. He says using this product avoids the need for any rework.

This Wirefly T Tap Electrical connector ensures much easier wiring jobs. Wires do not need to be stripped, cut or soldered allowing the stress-free use of these connectors.

AIRIC T-Tap Wire Splice Connectors Tap

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This 120 piece set of AIRIC T-Tap Wire Splice Connectors Tap includes UL approved nylon T-tap quick splices (60 pcs:  24 pcs red, 24 pcs blue and 12 pcs yellow) and male disconnectors (60 pcs: 24 pcs red, 24 pcs blue, 12 pcs yellow) that are fully insulated. Male disconnectors are used for the safe and easy splicing into the wires.

The Insulation Displacement Technology allows in-line splices with the need for stripping for pass-through connections, tap splices and pigtails making them convenient to use connectors.

A user says he uses these T-Tap Splices for his interior auto works. He says they make quick, tight and in place connections without any soldering. He also says they are simple to use and reliable. He also likes the fact that there is a good assortment off connectors in the set and that it comes with a great price, too.

This set of AIRIC T-Tap Wire Splice Connectors Tap with lock makes sure you have reliable and safe connections.

WATER’S GOOD Wire Connector Crimp Kit

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This fire-proof 15 pieces yellow WATER’S GOOD Wire Connector Crimp Kit can be used without stripping the wire. It is easy to use the connector as you only need to insert the wire and use a plier to push the cover down.

These lever-nuts connectors come with plastic and copper blades which are safe to use. Inside the connectors, are 2 copper blades which pierce the wire when the cover is down. The connectors secure the wires in place.

A user says these connectors are well made and come in good colors. They are easy to use even in tight areas.

The WATER’S GOOD Wire Connectors are easy and quick to use with just pliers. All you needed to do is insert the wires and replace the over. There is no need to use a heat gun, tape or wire stripper. The connectors are in blue (1.5-2.5mm²/ 16-14AWG)  and yellow.

How to Use Wire Nuts

A set of wire nuts often come with instructions on how to use them. This is so because different manufacturers have specific techniques on how to easily use their wire nuts. Here is the standard and most common way to use wire nuts.

  1. Using a wire stripper, strip the ends of the wires of their insulations (about ½ inch). Be careful not to cut through the metals of the wires.
  2. Align the ends of the wires and securely hold them together.
  3. Insert the wires into the right size wire nut.
  4. Twist the wire nut clockwise as tight as you can until there is no bare wire protruding below the nut. If you are able to effortless twist the wires in the wire nut, chances are it probably has not properly gripped the wires. Make sure to push the wires far enough. Make sure too that the wire nut is not too big for the wires.
  5. Test the connection by tugging each wire. If wire pulls out, take off the wire nut and re-insert the wires.

After successfully inserting the wires on the wire nut, test the connection and check if the wires are passing any current through the connection.

Safety of Wire Nuts

Wire nuts are safe when they are of the right size and are properly installed. Many new electricians are however not comfortable in using wire nuts. Fact is, this connector is extremely safe and can withstand any abuse without the risk of breaking. Wire nuts have been used for many years and electricians have rarely had any safety-related issues with its use.

Wire nuts are re-usable nut since they are relatively low in cost, they are not often re-used. You can re-use wire nuts when you do not see any rust, cracks or damage to its structural integrity.

The best wire nuts in this bunch would definitely be the Wirefy T Tap Electrical Connectors. (See full specsThis 120 piece connector set is versatile and can be used for a wide range of wiring projects. It ensures wires are seamlessly secured in place for a safe connection.

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