The 4 Best Universal Remote for Roku

The 5 Best Universal Remote for Roku
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are also most likely to lose it. Should the remote of your Roku gets broken for good or lost, you to replace it with the best universal remote.

The wireless remote control is included when you buy a Roku TV, box or streaming stick.  It can either be a standard infrared (IR) remote or an enhanced (point anywhere) remote, depending on Roku you own.

The remote control is one of the advantages of using a Roku device over a computer for streaming. It allows you to control your programming without standing from your comfortable couch.

What can you do if your Roku remote all of the sudden conks out? If you have a standard IR removed, try changing the batteries or try pairing it again with your Roku device.

If it still does not want to play, you can download the Roku app, link your Roku and tap “Remote.” You now have a mobile app remote which functions the same way as your remote control.

Other than the mobile app remote, you can also opt to buy a new Roku remote or go for the best universal remote for Roku.

1. Logitech Harmony 650 Infrared Universal Remote

The Logitech Harmony 650 Infrared Universal Remote transmits signals through infrared (IR). It is a programmable universal remote that combines 8 remote controls in one device. It comes with a full-color touchscreen – the “color command screen” as Logitech calls it.

Connect the remote to your PC and in the touchscreen, you can program your favorite channels which can be represented by icons so you can just easily tap the icon and enjoy watching your favorite channel. On the touchscreen also are the different commands for the devices you are using with this universal remote.

A user says this remote requires minimal setup and works very well. He says he was super impressed the most when switching activities like say from watching Apple TV to listening to music, it turns “ON” and “Off” all the appropriate components.

The Logitech Harmony 650 Infrared Universal Remote features an intuitive design. It is easy to use as the buttons are grouped according to functions. The remote comes in a shape that is easy to hold. it also comes with a backlight for easy control in the dark.

2. Sideclick Universal Remote

The Sideclick Universal Remote comes with 8 programmable buttons. Each button comes with an individual icon. These buttons can be programmed for power, channel, volume or any function you wish to assign from any infrared remote.

This universal remote is less expensive and simpler to use. It is easy to pair with your TV, Roku or any device you wish to use it with. To pair this remote, simply point it to your TV and press down the button you want to assign a particular function. The LED light goes ON to signify the completion of the pairing.

A user says he has separate remotes for his TV, soundbar and Amazon fire stick and he hated the fact that he needed to keep track of all these 3 remotes. With the Sideclick, he only has one remote to control his 3 devices. He also says it is easy to program.

The Sideclick Universal Remote is an attachment for your streaming media player. It easily snaps into the remote of your streaming device to control all functions of your TV as well as your streaming device.

3. GE 4 Device Universal Remote (33709)

The GE 4 Device Universal Remote (33709) can simultaneously work with 4 different devices such as a TV, Cable and Satellite receivers, Blu-ray and DVD players, Roku players and other streaming media players except for the Roku Streaming STICK and other streaming devices working on radio frequencies.

This universal remote is compatible with the latest and all major brands of audio and video equipment. It comes with a trouble-free set-up in your PC or laptop via the internet. It also comes with a master volume control and auto-scanning technology so you can control the volume of the devices the remote is working with.

A user says this remote control comes with amazing value. She says this is the most affordable universal remote control that works perfectly with the Roku. The responsiveness of the remote is great, too.

When it comes to universal remote controls, GE is a leading and trusted the brand. The GE 4 Device Universal Remote (33709) is backed by this solid reputation.

4. Logitech Harmony Smart Control Remote

The Logitech Harmony All in One Remote lets you simultaneously control up to 8 devices including Apple TV, cable TV boxes, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Sonos, Phillips Hue, PS3, Xbox TV when connected to a Mac or PC.

If features the Harmony Smartphone app which you can use with the Harmony Remote or your smartphone to control your devices through the internet. The app is compatible with Android 4.0 and later devices as well as with the iPhone iOS 6.0 or later devices.

A user says this is a very useful remote as it has replaced 4 remotes that have been cluttering up on his couch. It is not too bulky and the textured rubber backing of the remote prevents it from sliding off your hand or the table.

The smartphone app of the Logitech Harmony All in One Remote comes with a Swipe and Tap control so you can easily control your entertainment devices. You can program up to 50 of your favorite channels, media playback, volume, and other remote control functions.

Types of Universal Remotes

PC-Programmable Remotes

This type of universal remote is connected to a PC or tablet via a USB cable. You will need to enter the number of the device you are going to use the remote with and the commands you want the remote to respond to. The remote will ask the Internet for the necessary programming commands you wish to include in the remote. You can then download the commands to the remote.

Pre- Programmed Remotes

These universal remotes come pre-programmed to work with certain devices and brands. Many people find this universal remote convenient because it already has been programmed to work with your device.

A list of the devices and corresponding codes of the device it has been pre-programmed to work with is included.

Touch Screen Controlled Remotes

This universal remote comes with a touch screen. All you need to do is a swipe or slide the screen and tap on the necessary command to control your remote.

Wi-Fi Enabled Remotes

This universal remote comes with Wi-Fi capabilities. You can access restrictions your TV has through your extended Wi-Fi network and display the information on the LCD screen of the remote.

Radio Frequency Remotes

This type of remote uses radio waves instead of infrared to transmit command signals from the remote to the TV. Signals can go through windows, walls, and windows. This allows a remote that is upstairs to control a TV that is downstairs.

Choosing a Universal Remove for Roku

Here are the features you need to look for when choosing the best universal remote for Roku.


The universal remote you choose should be compatible with the Roku device you are going to use it with as well as a wide range of other devices. As long as your device has a valid code, the universal remote is compatible.

Easy Set-up

Setting up the universal remote should be as easy as pressing “Set-up” and entering the product code of the device you are going to use the universal remote with. Some universal remotes need to be set-up using your PC or through an app on your smartphone.


Choose a universal remote that is easy and comfortable to hold and with button placements that are easily within reach.

Easy to Use

The best universal remotes are those that were well thought of and not too complicated to learn and use.

Various Features

The best universal remotes are those that not only comes with the basic features but also such functions as Bluetooth connectivity and the capability of the remove to synch with your smartphone.


Logitech Harmony Smart Control Remote is the best universal remote for Roku amongst the four universal remotes mentioned. It comes with a touchscreen and can be programmed to work as 8 remote controls in one device. It requires minimal set-up in a PC and you can create icons of your favorite channels and games for easy access. You can also use the remote to switch between devices such as from a TV to an audio device.

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