The 4 Best Mini ITX Nas Case – Reviews 2021

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Many gaming enthusiasts venture on making their own compact and small PC.  One of the most important components of a compact gaming PC is the best mini ITX NAS case.

The best Information Technology Extended (ITX) Network Attached Storage (NAS) case is one that is a combination of all the power of a mini ITX motherboard can provide with the convenience of having a NAS. A mini-ITX is, in fact, a motherboard and not just a case or enclosure.

A mini ITX comes in a wide array of innovative designs. Its small size allows it to take a number of shapes and not only the usual rectangular prism need for an ATX board.

If you are making your own gaming PC, building a mini ITX requires a lot of experience and patience. The rewards are all worth it though. A mini ITX makes it easier to for you to play PC games. Big power for your gaming PC can indeed come in the form of small packages.

These are our reviews for the 4 best mini ITX NAS case on the market:


The CORSAIR CARBIDE AIR 240 Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX Case is a small and compact making it an ideal NAS for your small business or home. This case is mainly designed to provide cooling efficiency. Multiple hard drives together with a powerful mini-ITX motherboard need an efficient cooling system and this case allows maximum airflow even with empty spaces.

While this Corsair mini ITX case is not made to function as the central data bank in your NAS system, it has sufficient space to house SSDs or hard drives and a mini-ITX processor for a centralized NAS storage.

A user says he has been building his own PC for many years and so far this is the best case he has ever worked with. He also admires its unique look making him enjoy his rig more.

The CORSAIR CARBIDE AIR 240 Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX Case comes equipped with water cooling, radiators, and fans. This mini-ITX NAS case comes with transparent sides.

Thermaltake Mini ITX Cube Computer Chassis – Core V1 Snow Edition SPCC

This Thermaltake Mini ITX Cube Computer Chassis is an organized way to build your own small business or home NAS system. Its racks can hold 2.3 inches or 2.5 inches drives. All the cooling components of this NAS case are removable for easy cleaning and maintenance. You can also interchange the side panel and expose the inner components to allow cool air.

This mini ITX NAS case comes with the Chambers Concept in computer cases. This means the top allows continuous cooling and the bottom holds all the needed power hookups. As cool air flows from the top, removable SSDs and hard drives are kept at optimum temperature. It also keeps heat away from the power supply.

A user says it’s tiny and is a cube making it easy to hide the cables on its sides. He says it also includes enough holes to allow adequate ventilation. It also has a fan and the USB3 ports very accessible. He says the LED light though is not as bright but it is not a deal breaker.

This Thermaltake Mini ITX Cube Computer Chassis allows you to include a mini ITX motherboard to your NAS system. It is easy to install

Supermicro Superchassis Mini-Tower

The Supermicro Superchassis Mini-Tower is a compact case that includes 4 front drive bays (removable) which is great when you are building a small server or NAS system. It can hold up to 4 SATA hard disk drives (3.5 inches) in its carrier trays and drive bays.

This mini tower chassis can hold a mini ITX motherboard 6.75″ x 6.75″ in sizes such as ATOM or Core i7 and more. It also includes AMD processors and 1 Intel processor.

A user says this is a neat and well-built mini ITX NAS case. It comes with solid construction and comes with almost everything you need to build your own NAS.

The Supermicro Superchassis Mini-Tower has been optimized to ensure quiet operation. It also comes with a 250 W power supply.

Corsair Graphite Series 780T Full Tower PC Case

The Corsair Graphite Series 780T Full Tower PC Case can hold up to 2 devices (5.25 inches) and 6 hard drives (3.5 inches). It includes 3 hidden trays for 2.5 inch hard drives just behind the tray of the motherboard. This allows more than 9 hard drives without the need to convert the 5.25 bays for the device into storage for the hard drive.

This full tower PC case comes in an octagonal and hexagonal design with a lot of internal space…  It includes three 140mm AF 140L fans. The height of the CPU cooler is up to 200mm and the motherboard comes with 2.5 brackets on the back portion of the motherboard tray.

A user says this is huge and amazing. It is a few inches larger in all corners than most full towers he has seen.

Corsair Graphite Series ATX Full Tower 780T Full Tower Case Overview - Newegg TV

Building your own NAS

While you can easily buy a NAS, it will be a lot of fun to build your own system to suit your preference and need.

A NAS case is one of the most important components in building your NAS system. This is the box where you will be housing your drives and motherboard. You can build your NAS in any way you wish as long as it can protect you’re your tech.

A mini-ITX NAS case is one of the more common enclosures tech savvy DIYers consider. A Mini ITX is a motherboard that is about 6.7 inches x 6.7 inches. This motherboard is most often used in small computer systems.

The size of the case of your PC is determined by the size of the motherboard it can support. Before choosing your NAS case, make sure you already have in mind what type of motherboard to use.

Of the four products mentioned above, the Thermaltake Mini ITX Cube Computer Chassis (see full specs) is the best mini itx nas case. It is your best choice if you want to build a NAS system and include a mini-ITX motherboard. Its Chamber concept design allows continues cooling to keep heat away from the power supply to ensure no overheating of your components.

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