The 4 Best Mini HDMI To HDMI Cables – Adapter, Converter Reviews 2021

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Choosing a good mini HDMI to HDMI cable is nothing like rocket science if you read this article. Here we will go through the following items to give you a better understanding of what kind of HDMI cable is better to choose for the best performance.

Here are our recommendations for the 4 Best Mini HDMI To HDMI Cables on the market:

High-Speed Mini-HDMI to HDMI Cable by DATASTREAM

This cable is a reliable HDMI cable allowing you to connect tablets, projectors, cameras, camcorders and any other modern devices having the appropriate HDMI connectors.

With this product, you get good quality for the absolutely relevant price. Such cables are made of nylon which strengths their durability and ensures the absence of any issues with the quality of the video and sound.

It’s also absolutely perfect for gamers and those who use tablets more than home-based PCs. The manufacturer offers the 3-year warranty, which is definitely a big plus, making this cable stand out among most of the others, offering only 2 years.

High-Speed Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable Weimei

This is another good choice for those who need to connect various digital devices. It works with anything you may want to connect beginning with HDTVs and ending with simple MP3 players.

High-class materials used in this product ensure absolutely excellent video and audio quality. The stylish design is another feature that makes this cable a bit outstanding because there are people for whom it really matters.

Besides, choosing this model you will get 2 years of warranty and excellent customer service. It really matters if you value your peace of mind.

AmazonBasics High-Speed Mini-HDMI to HDMI Cable – 6 Feet

AmazonBasics High-Speed Mini-HDMI to HDMI Cable is probably one of the most popular cables working with any video signal of today.

It has thousands of positive reviews on Amazon giving it a rating of 4.6 out of 5. The cable has a wide range of usage allowing you to connect almost any device to your computer or TV.

The mini HDMI to HDMI cable is available in various lengths from 3 feet to 15 feet, so it is more than easy to choose what suits you.

Using this HDMI cable, you can connect devices with different HDMI standards, because this cable allows the devices to automatically find the best suitable connection.

What is even better, if you choose this product, you receive the lifetime warranty from AmazonBasics and can use it without any worries.

BlueRigger High-Speed Mini HDMI to HDMI cable

This is another popular choice to connect any digital devices to your HDTV. This cable supports 3D and Ethernet. The gold-plated connectors of the cable ensure high quality of the signal and prevent interference.

Besides, corrosion doesn’t hit this material much. That is why many of the available reviews recommend this product on Amazon. It also grows its popularity through the limited lifetime warranty they offer, which makes them stand out among other competitors in this market area.

A little of Theory

In the world of information technology, time does not standstill. The development of various devices is rapidly advancing. It is not surprising that many users are not really sure how to choose the right HDMI cable to connect this or that device. It is sometimes difficult for a buyer to correctly navigate through a large assortment and numerous versions of the HDMI cables.

Despite the fact that the HDMI interface has already firmly entered our lives, some people still do not know what is hidden under this abbreviation. Let us explain this a little.

What is HDMI?

HDMI is deciphered as a High Definition Multimedia Interface. It is perhaps the most popular modern integrated interface for video and audio. It uses a digital signal transmission method, supports high-resolution video and multi-channel audio, and is widely used in televisions, monitors, video cards and other video equipment.

Whenever you want to connect your computer to the TV, digital projector or video camera you need HDMI cables. If you are a gamer, you also need such cables to connect a Blu-ray player, game consoles (PlayStation, Xbox) and other digital devices.

What is mini HDMI to HDMI?

Mini HDMI, as the name suggests, is a smaller version of the original HDMI connector. In this format, both cables and adapters can be produced. Mini HDMI to HDMI cables have a mini HDMI connector on one side, and a full-sized HDMI on the other.


There are hundreds of manufacturers and brands over the internet and one can just lose head when trying to figure out which HDMI cable to choose. Sometimes it becomes as difficult as skiing up the mountain backward. Still, as we could see from the previous reviews, cable features do not differ much.

They all work, they all transfer signal and they all are quite durable and have warranties. The small differences between them lie in length, size of the section, compatibility with various devices, and the kind of corrosion-resistant connectors.

Basically, most cables are much alike, and the quality of the video will be pretty much the same with this or that cable of the same standard.

Based on the features of the HDMI technology, the cable cannot affect the video and audio quality. If it were like that, the video would just disappear with the cheapest materials 🙂 So, whatever cable you prefer to choose from the list above, the main thing to care about is that it has to be without any technological defects. In such a case, it will work just fine. If it has some, the signal won’t be transmitted at all. There is no other option.

To learn more about the types of HDMI connectors you can watch the following video on YouTube:

HDMI vs Mini HDMI vs Micro HDMI:  What is the difference?

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